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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 100 club, 2010 regular season update

In July, I paid tribute to the major league hurlers who had reached 100 mph in 2010. I will adapt that post here to encompass the entirety of the regular season. The data is presented in two tables: one sorted by number of pitches over 100 mph (technically 99.5 or higher), and the other sorted by maximum velocity.

1Joel Zumaya225
2Henry Rodriguez137
3Aroldis Chapman85
4Jordan Walden54
5Daniel Bard51
6Neftali Feliz43
7Bobby Parnell27
8Justin Verlander27
9Ubaldo Jimenez21
10Stephen Strasburg17
11Andrew Cashner15
12Kyle Farnsworth7
13Chris Sale6
14Mitchell Boggs5
15Jonathan Broxton4
16Fernando Rodney4
17Santiago Casilla4
18Jason Motte3
19Alexi Ogando2
20Edwin Jackson2
21David Price2
22Joba Chamberlain2
23Brandon Morrow1
24Billy Wagner1
25Gregory Infante1
26Zack Greinke1
27Robinson Tejeda1

RankPitcher Max Velocity
1Aroldis Chapman105.1
2Neftali Feliz103.4
3Henry Rodriguez103.2
4Bobby Parnell102.5
5Joel Zumaya102.2
6Justin Verlander101.6
7Jordan Walden101.5
8Daniel Bard100.8
9Ubaldo Jimenez100.6
10Stephen Strasburg100.4
11Mitchell Boggs100.4
12Chris Sale100.3
13Jonathan Broxton100.2
14Alexi Ogando100.2
15Andrew Cashner100.1
16Kyle Farnsworth100.1
17Fernando Rodney100.1
18Jason Motte100.1
19Edwin Jackson100.1
20Brandon Morrow99.8
21Santiago Casilla99.7
22David Price99.7
23Billy Wagner99.7
24Gregory Infante99.7
25Zack Greinke99.7
26Joba Chamberlain99.6
27Robinson Tejeda99.5

These numbers are straight from the Gameday PITCHf/x data (accessed via Joe Lefkowitz's site) and have not been park-adjusted. As Mike Fast detailed in a Hardball Times post earlier in the year, there are some stadia in particular that have been showing higher than average velocities in the pitch data. In Fast's article, he mentions Kauffman Stadium, Coors Field, US Cellular Field, Progressive Field, and Fenway Park as being the parks with the highest velocity park factors on average. But, as Fast mentions, parks drift in and out of calibration over the course of a season, so it's impossible to take the velocity from any one game, apply the park factor to it, and get a certain result. Still, I feel pretty strongly that quite a few of these pitchers' numbers were enhanced by park. For example, of the pitchers that hit 100 mph only once, Morrow did it in Cleveland, Infante did it in Chicago, and Tejeda did it in Kansas City. And Chamberlain did it once in Kansas City and once in Chicago. So, please take these with a big old grain of salt.

Oh, one other thing I should mention. You may have been wondering, "Wait, didn't you say that Joel Zumaya hit 100 mph 230 times this year? Why does it say 225 here?" The reason for that is that there were some PITCHf/x errors that duplicated some pitches that I had not corrected for in my July post. I have now, so this should be slightly more accurate.

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