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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Congrats Giants; PITCHf/x updates

Before I get to anything else, congratulations to your 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants.  I haven't posted in nearly two weeks and have not yet given the Giants their proper due - well, there you go.  They outplayed their competition and are this year's deserving winners.  Also, it's always great to see a city witness a world title for the first time, so, good for the San Francisco fans.

As for what's going to be going on over here for the next few months, I actually expect to be posting more frequently than I have been recently.  There will certainly be plenty of Hot Stove action, so expect some analysis for this year's slew of players on the free agent market and trading block, most definitely including some PITCHf/x profiles.  By the way, I now have data for the 2010 regular season (and most of the postseason), so over the past week or two I've been cleaning up some Excel files, most namely getting rid of duplications in the pitch data.  I have created a pitcher leaderboard file that has data on all major league pitchers in 2010.  The pitcher leaderboard is more or less a finished project, though I will go back and correct for the mid-plate-appearance pitching changes that confuse the PITCHf/x system.  I have also generated some 2010 league averages for the metrics I use on this site, which are always great to have for the sake of context.  I should have some posts on the 2010 averages and the pitcher leaderboard up by or over the weekend. 

Next up for me in the PITCHf/x department is classifying pitches.  The Gameday algorithm is always improving, but it is done live and is prone to errors; therefore, it's always best to go back and re-classify for the sake of more accurate analysis.  I've classified the pitches of about 45 pitchers so far, including all Yankees to throw a pitch this season besides Ivan Nova, Chan Ho Park, and Javier Vazquez.  So, clearly, I've got a lot left to do.  Ideally, I can get a leaderboard that has data for each pitch up and running, but that will probably take quite a while. 

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