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Friday, September 23, 2011

PITCHf/x data for Brackman and Betances

Finally, Andrew Brackman and Dellin Betances got to make their major league debuts.  They both pitched in Thursday’s 15-8 Yankees loss, with varying levels of success.  Brackman pitched an inning and a third scoreless with a few hits and a walk, while Betances walked four and hit a batter in just two thirds of an inning.  After plenty of hype, we can look at some PITCHf/x data for these guys.

(charts are for horizontal/vertical movement and horizontal movement/velocity)

mph # LHB  RHB Ball Called Whiff Foul
Cutter 91.5 24 11 13 7 4 3 4 6
Curveball 75.6 7 3 4 5 1 0 1 0
Slider 84.6 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0

Brackman was definitely throwing a fastball with cutting action (both horizontal movement in on lefties and sink, a la Rivera).  This might be his cutter grip, but it's hard to tell on that photo.  There is photo evidence of a two-seam fastball as well, though he didn't throw one yesterday (also, that's an old pic).


mph # LHB RHB Ball Called Whiff Foul X
Fastball 93.3 22 13 9 16 2 0 2 2
Curveball 83.3 4 3 1 3 0 0 1 0

As you can see by the pitch distribution, Betances had no control.  Of his 26 pitches, 19 were balls.  He showed a straight four-seam fastball (grip) and a hard curveball that he throws with a knuckle grip.  In terms of velocity and movement, it's similar to A.J. Burnett's.  

I'll try to find some game photos from Thursday (doesn't look to be anything available at the time of this writing), particularly to see what Brackman's doing with his fastball. 

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