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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A duel of epic proportions

Earlier this afternoon, Astros infielder Kazuo Matsui had a 15 pitch at-bat against Giants closer Brian Wilson. That, alone, is impressive, as it was the first 15 pitch at-bat sequence of the year so far --- a 14 pitch at-bat on April 8th between Justin Masterson and Alexei Ramirez is the second longest so far. However, what made the exchange between Matsui and Wilson so remarkable was the game state. The score was 2-1 Giants, the bases were loaded, there were two outs, and the count (by the time of the final pitch) was full. That situation represents a ridiculous 9.1 leverage index. And in addition, Wilson was trying to save the game for Tim Lincecum, who had had his bullpen blow three consecutive wins for him coming into the game. That's drama if I've ever seen it.

**EDIT** On the 15th pitch, Matsui ended the game with a flyout to left fielder Andres Torres.