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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The 100 mph club

Hard-throwers are always a lot of fun to watch. Why? I don’t know. But they are. In particular, it’s pretty awesome to see triple digits on the radar gun, which is always an impressive feat. This year, per PITCHf/x, 16 different pitchers have combined to throw 391 pitches registering at 100 mph (technically 99.5 or harder). Here are the members of the 2010 “100 club.”

(sorted by maximum velocity)

MLB RankPitcherMax Velocity
1Joel Zumaya102.2
2Neftali Feliz101.6
3Henry Rodriguez101.1
4Justin Verlander101
5Daniel Bard100.8
6Ubaldo Jimenez100.6
7Stephen Strasburg100.4
8Jonathan Broxton100.2
9Andrew Cashner100.1
10Jason Motte100.1
11Kyle Farnsworth100.1
12Brandon Morrow99.8
13Santiago Casilla99.7
14Zack Greinke99.7
15David Price99.6
16Robinson Tejeda99.5

(sorted by number of pitches at or greater than 99.5 mph)

MLB RankPitcher#
1Joel Zumaya230
2Neftali Feliz36
3Daniel Bard26
4Justin Verlander20
5Ubaldo Jimenez19
6Stephen Strasburg17
7Henry Rodriguez12
8Andrew Cashner10
9Kyle Farnsworth6
10Jonathan Broxton4
11Jason Motte3
12Santiago Casilla2
13Brandon Morrow1
14Zack Greinke1
15Robinson Tejeda 1
16David Price1

First of all, how about Joel Zumaya. Talk about blowing away the competition. Now let’s hope that he can recover from the brutal arm injury he suffered last month against the Twins.

Second, an important note - these numbers are coming directly from the PITCHf/x data and have not been adjusted for ballpark errors. The 100 mph pitches from Tejada and Morrow were recorded at Kauffman Stadium and Progressive Field, respectively; both of those parks at least appear to be running “hot” this year. Any input on this front is always more than welcome.

Gameday data is from MLB Advanced Media; it can be easily accessed through Joe Lefkowitz's invaluable tool.

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