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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Haren to the Angels

This deal just went down: Dan Haren, one of the top chips on the market, has been traded to the Angels. I find the package in return - Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodriguez, Patrick Corbin, and a player to be named - a bit curious, given Haren's caliber. (Did you know that he's 5th all time in K/BB ratio?) Saunders, who is 29, has been an unspectacular starter, for the most part; Rodriguez, 26 in September, has put up pedestrian numbers as a minor league starter and reliever since 2002; Corbin is 21 and, while he has posted excellent strikeout and walk rates, is only in Class A. I suppose that if the player to be named is a top prospect, the deal could look better for the Diamondbacks, but right now, it looks like kind of a steal for the Angels.

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