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Friday, March 4, 2011

Banuelos, with my own eyes

Earlier tonight, many Yankee fans got their first live look at Manuel Banuelos.  I'm included in that group.  He looked great, striking out three over two scoreless innings while walking one and giving up a double.  I saw three pitches from him - a fastball (pretty sure they're all four-seamers, but not positive), a changeup, and a curveball.  I don't really want to put a ton of trust in the radar gun (especially since it gave some readings in the 60s), but it had Banuelos ranging 93-95 in his first inning and 89-93 in his second.  The changeup was in the low 80s, usually 82 or 83, and the curveball was at 78.  Here are some results from his 29 pitch outing:

#BallCalled StrikeWhiffFoulIn Play


Banuelos got three groundouts and gave up a line drive double with the fastball.  It was a pretty soft line drive off a pitch in on the hands of a righty batter.

Basically, he was pretty awesome.  All of the typical Spring Training disclaimers apply.  
And the typical pitch-tracking-from-television disclaimers, too.

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