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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring stats for Colon and Nova

I love Spring Training stats because they typically say a lot about future regular season performance.  NOT!  Nonetheless, it's intriguing that Bartolo Colon and Ivan Nova have been pitching this well.  The lines:

Bartolo Colon15104121720851
Ivan Nova148214729930

I'm not supposed to read into Spring Training numbers ... but isn't the winner (or in this case, winners) of the rotation battle going to be based on the better spring stats?  Now you're confusing me.  Anyway, Colon has had a very good spring, with a 2.40 RA/9 and excellent strikeout and walk numbers.  The groundball rate (.588) over 34 balls in play is great, too.  Nova has a lower RA/9 (1.29), but has shown much worse strike zone dominance.  29 ground balls out of 41 balls in play (rate of .707) is superb.  I would be shocked if we don't see these two guys beginning the season in the rotation - in other words, I would be shocked if Freddy Garcia makes the rotation.      

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