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Friday, June 10, 2011

Joba, I'm gonna miss you

The news is official now, and Joba Chamberlain will have Tommy John surgery next Thursday with Dr. James Andrews.  I don't really have a whole lot to say on the subject, but I thought I shouldn't just let it go by without saying anything here.  

I'm sure most of you have some sort of "special connection" to a ballplayer, whether it be somebody from your hometown, somebody you've watched from early on in his career, etc.  I've been following the Yankees for ten years, but I only really got into all the minutiae a few years ago.  Joba Chamberlain might've been the first guy that I really studied closely from his first major league season.  Between that, my love of pure power pitchers, and his fun personality, I became a huge fan of Joba's, while being wary of the occasional transgression.  Even after his move to the bullpen in 2010, I'd make attempts to arrange my schedule so that I could see him pitch (such as asking myself, can I get home in time to watch the last three innings of the game?).  It goes without saying that it won't be the easiest thing for me to not see him out there for at least another year.  For him, I hope he has a flawless recovery and can get back out there as soon as possible.  

Get well soon, Joba; we'll be pulling for you. 

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