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Friday, June 3, 2011

Yankees' first-pitch swing rates

I noticed a question in a River Ave. Blues mailbag session from earlier today, asking about the Yankees and first-pitch swing percentage.  I've looked at that stat a few times before, so it's not too much trouble to load it up for 2011 data.  The league average so far in 2011 for swing percentage on the first pitch of an at-bat is .265.  Using a 150 plate appearance limit, leaving 207 qualified batters, Vladimir Guerrero leads the majors with a first-pitch swing rate of .423; Jamey Carroll is last at .014.  The table below shows where the Yankees fall on the list.

RankBatterFP Swing Rate
6Robinson Cano.409
72Russell Martin.291
101Nick Swisher.263
103Derek Jeter.262
112Alex Rodriguez.252
134Jorge Posada.232
160Mark Teixeira.209
193Curtis Granderson.138
200Brett Gardner.110

Andruw Jones, the only other Yankee batter with more than 50 plate appearances, has a rate of .338. 

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