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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey, Doug Fister

The Mariners haven't won since July 5th.  They stumbled into New York and now are owners of a sixteen game losing streak.  Tonight, they will turn to Doug Fister, who has pitched well but has not much to show for it - he has a 3.30 ERA, but only a 3-11 record.  His best skill is his ability to prevent free passes, as his 2 walks per 9 innings is one of the best rates in the league.  He's striking out a few more guys this year than last year, but that's not really his game.  Isolated metrics for his five pitches are below.

He's primarily a sinkerballer these days, reserving the four-seam cheese for only a few occurrences per game.  

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Grounders come from the sinker, which is located higher in the zone than the typical sinker:

As for horizontal locations, the sinker, curve, and change are aimed gloveside, while the four-seamer and cutter go armside:

None of his pitches stand out as plus offerings, but his ability to get the ball over the plate consistently makes him at the very least a league average starter.

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