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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A win for Drabek

Kyle Drabek picked up his first major league win today at home against the Twins.  He gave up only one hit in seven innings, struck out seven, and walked three.  I watched all (almost all?) of his outing, and the thing that struck me the most was how frequently he used his cutter.  He threw more cutters than any other pitch today.  Some funky PITCHf/x calibration at the Rogers Centre prevents me from doing a more detailed look at his outing today, but I feel reasonably confident in my pitch IDs for the game.  The velocity readings looked pretty normal.  With that being said, here are some numbers for each pitch today:

mph#vs RHBvs LHBBallCalledWhiffFoulGBFBLDPU


Drabek got most of his seven strikeouts on his cutter.  A simple breakdown:

1.  Outside (backdoor) cutter to LHB (called)
2.  Inside cutter to LHB (swinging)
3.  Outside (backdoor) cutter to LHB (called)
4.  Low curveball to RHB (swinging)
5.  Inside cutter to LHB (swinging)
6.  Inside (frontdoor) changeup to LHB (called)*
7.  Outside (backdoor) cutter to LHB (swinging)

*This one may have been a mistake pitch.  Jose Molina set up outside while the pitch wound up being pretty much in the middle of the plate. 

He looked pretty nasty.  Here is the mlb.com video of him in action. 

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